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OPM Stands For Original Filipino Music


Traditional Filipino Music is generally a confluence of Western styles and our own ethnic music. In modern times, however, Filipino music is similar to modern music that is heard in any part of the world.

Original musical works by Filipino artists is usually referred to as “Original Pilipino Music” or OPM. Many song and music artists of the Philippines usually use Tagalog and English for the lyrics of their songs. Thus, if you listen to any local FM radio station, it would not be a surprise to hear OPM songs with English lyrics and titles.

One of the best contemporary artists that have made a lot of Filipino music is Mr. Ryan Cayabyab. Ryan is a professor of the University of the Philippines conservatory if music and is currently the head and conductor of the San Miguel Philharmonic orchestra.

Ryan has been an internationally acclaimed musical artist and has received numerous awards on the International level. His most popular composition is “Kay ganda ng ating musika” which literally means “How beautiful is our music”, which he composed during the first Metropop song festival in the early 80s. The Metropop song festival was then the most prestigious avenue for original competitions. Ryan still continuous to produce albums with his Orchestra. He also arranges for many singers and song writers.

If you want to hear ethnic Filipino music, you just have to hear the music of Joey Ayala. Joey Ayala makes use of indigenous instruments for his music. One characteristic of Joey Ayala’s music is that you hear the sound of nature as accompaniment for his songs, like a stream that is flowing or birds chirping. Nowadays however, Joey Ayala’s songs are not played on FM radio. Simply go to any CD music store on any mall if you want to grab an album of Joey Ayala.

Like in any part of the world, FM stations usually play pop music so it is unlikely that you hear ethnic music when you tune in to FM stations. If you are more of the rocker type of musician or listener, all you have to do is tune in to the “Alternative music” FM stations. The most popular of these FM rock stations is the Manila-based FM station NU 107.1.

In the Philippine, the world “Alternative music” refers to the heavy metal, or rock music done by Filipino artists. This type of wave in Filipino music started during the early 90’s.

Some of most popular alternative music bands are “Eraserheads”, “Parokya ni Edgar” and “Wolfgang”. Other popular alternative bands are “MYMP”, “Hale”, and “Orange and Lemons”. Popular female alternative song artists are Kitchie Nadal and Barbie Almadi. These two ladies have very good voices that sound like Alanis Morissette (if you still remember this artist from the mid 90’s).


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